1996 Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris, DNSAP [comparable to MFA]

solo exhibitions

2020 Re-Entry, Beyond Baroque, Venice California (May 9-June 21) POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19

2019   Points of View: Everything Happening All at Once, San Francisco Edition,  Canessa Gallery,  San Francisco (Dec. 1 – 27)

2019 Points of View: Everything Happening All at Once,
Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka CA (July 13 – August 25, 2019) EXTENDED until October 27 2019

2018   Nesting Materials, Black Faun Gallery, Eureka CA

2010    Everything to Declare, Upstairs Art Gallery, Arcata CA

2004    F.E.A.T.H.E.R. Branes, installation, Intimate Stage, Seattle /cur. Joan Laage

2003    Surreal Estate, Dark Horse Books, Victoria BC Canada

2002    Pinturas de Ojos Fertiles, Alianza Franco-Mexicana, Oaxaca, Mexico

2002    The Beautiful and the Beat (drawing installation + poetry Ted Joans) Instituto de Arte Gráfica de Oaxaca

2001    Effervescence, Le Centre Culturel Francophone, Vancouver, BC

1998    Peintures Récentes,  Le Centre Culturel Francophone, Vancouver BC

group exhibitions

2023 Sensing Habitat, exhibition with Gerri Sadler and David St John, Canvas + Clay Gallery, Eureka CA, curated by Jen McLaurin

2022 Ingrid Nickelsen Trust Juried Exhibition, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka CA, curated by Joan Gold

2021 Outer Roominations, Table Bluff, Loleta CA, curated by Leslie Castellano

2019-2020 Collecting: 20 Years, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka CA

2019 Guitarbage – Art Guitars, Mendenhall Studios, Eureka CA

2019  100 Años de Surrealismo, Centro Cultural Espacio Matta, Santiago, Chile /cur. Enrique de Santiago

2018-2019 20 Years: The Victor Thomas Jacoby Award,
Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka

2016   Las Llaves del Deseo, Museo Municipal de Cartago, Costa Rica; and Biblioteca Nacional, San José, Costa Rica /cur. Amirah Gazel + Alfonso Peña

2014     La chasse à l’objet du désir, Galerie L’Espace
/Liaison Surréaliste à Montréal.  Catalogue

2012    Surrealism 2012: Toward the World of the Fifth Sun, Goggleworks, Reading PA   /cur. Joseph Jablonski

2012    Survival Kit, Synapsis, Eureka CA /cur. Leslie Castellano

2010    El Umbral Secreto, Museo de la solidaridad Salvador Allende, Santiago de Chile /cur. Enrique de Santiago

2009    Illuminações Descontìnuas, convento S. Jose, Lagoa Portugal /cur. Miguel de Carvalho.  Catalogue

2009    Beyond the Outer Banks, 5ive&40rty Gallery, Winston Salem NC /cur. Peggy O’Donnell + David Williams

2009    A Voz dos Espelhos, Surrealismo Actual, Galeria Arturo Bual, Amadora, Portugal /cur. M. de Carvalho.  Catalogue

2008    O Reverso dô Olhar, Surrealismo Actual, Casa da Cultura, Coimbra, Portugal /cur. M. de Carvalho.  Catalogue

2008    Bucket of Dawn, installation, Free Sheep Foundation, Seattle /cur. DK Pan

2007     Selections from The Diane and Sandy Besser Collection, De Young Museum, San Francisco
/cur. Karin Breuer + Timothy  Anglin Burgard.    Catalogue

2007    Altars and Tabletops, 108, Seattle /cur. Daniel Michael Viox

2006    City Bitch and Travel, Salon Centro Projects, Mexico City /cur. Katya Gardea Browne

2006    Tomorrow’s Drawing Today, Carroll Turner Gallery, Santa Fe N.M. /cur. Sandy Besser

2006    Drawing Discoveries, St Petersburg Arts Center, Florida /cur. Sandy Besser

2005    Boys Meet Girls, Salon Centro, Mexico City /cur. Katya Gardea Browne

2005    LINESCAPE, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle

2005    Installation, 108,  Seattle /cur. Daniel Michael Viox

2004    Feria al Maiz  Malinalco, Mexico

2004    Elective Affinities, Art in Nature festival, Camp Long, Seattle, with John Pai

2004    Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Consolidated Works, Seattle

2004    Rabbits & Robots, SAW Gallery, Seattle /cur. Kristine Evans

2004    Seattle City Collects, new acquisitions to Seattle’s Portable Works Collection

2003    + (1), Luscious, Seattle /cur. DK Pan

2002    Surrealism Here And Now!, Heartland Gallery, Chicago
/cur. Franklin and Penelope Rosemont

2001    Possible Showers, Granville Island, Vancouver
/cur. Andrew Luketic + Alannah Newsmall

1999    Patricia Cameron Gallery, Seattle

1998    L’Art et le Papier III, Jean-Claude Bergeron Gallery, Ottawa.  Catalogue

1997    Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria, BC

1996    Dessin/Drawing,  Kyoto Art University, Kyoto, Japan.  Catalogue

1994    Totems Without Taboos: The Cadavre Exquis Lives, Black Swan Gallery, Chicago /cur. Franklin+ Penelope Rosemont

more projects + collaborations

2018    Nest of Possibilities, performance collaboration with Leslie Castellano dance + Medicine Baul music, in exhibition Nesting Materials, Black Faun Gallery Eureka CA  video

2016     Lost Wilds, an inquiry into shifting relations between wilderness, body, and society, Synapsis, Eureka /cur. Leslie Castellano

2007    The Motel Project  (
Slippage Drawing, installation in Motel # 1, the Bridge Motel, Seattle. /cur. DK Pan
BCNH-Scroll,  in Motel #2, Seattle. /cur. Mike Min, the Seattle School

2003-2007   Crosspollination. collaborative drawing, Butoh, performance,video project with P.A.N.    Seattle, South Korea, Japan.

2006 Tenten Drawings, ephemeral installation, Kyo Ryu Kan, Kyoto, Japan

2005    Deer Dust, sound work with Monte Merrick, in Aqua Art Sound Broadcast by Susan Robb, Aqua Art Miami

2005    Rorschach Translation, collaboration with The Seattle School, Consolidated Works, Seattle

2005    Three Free Beets, performance with P.A.N., Gallery 1412, Seattle

2004    Between a Dream and Family, performance in  “My Mother My Father” by DK Pan, SOIL Gallery, Seattle

1991-2003 collaborative projects of visual poetry, cadavres-exquis, super 8 films, with poet Ted Joans

selected  publications

2020 “Deertime”, drawing, with poem Skull by Monte Merrick, in Peculiar Mormyrid issue 9: Deep Times, Fall 2020 online + print

2016     Seasonal snapshot, “Raven’s Tools”, in Humboldt Insider magazine, Summer-Fall 2016 Vol III No. 1

2013     Maillot d’Hécatombes pour Jeanne d’Arcula, précédé de Vestibule d’éternité. poetry Guy Girard, drawings Laura Corsiglia. Editions Sonámbula, Montréal.

2008    “the Oystercatcher”, issue #5  ed. by Ron Sakolsky, Inner Island, Canada (drawings)

2008    “Cosco Busan-Surf Scoter”, drawing + text, in “Fifth Estate” vol. 43 no.1––Detroit

2005    History Against Misery, David Roediger, ––Charles H Kerr publications, Chicago (drawings)

2004    “Deer Dust”, text + drawings, in the Fulcrum #5, ed. Monte Merrick, Seattle

2002    “Surrounding Area”, in Surrealist Subversions, ed. Ron Sakolsky ––Autonomedia, New York

2001    OUR THANG:  Selected Poems & Drawings, Ted Joans + Laura Corsiglia ––Ekstasis Editions, Victoria BC review

2000    “A Fearful Symmetry: The Enigma Of Marie Wilson” text in  Daedalic Isomorphs ––Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece

2000    Grrrrrr:  An Anthology of Bear Poems  ed. CB Follett ––Arctos Press, Sausalito CA (drawings)

1999    WOW, Poems by Ted Joans ––Quicksilver Press, Muckilteo WA (drawings)

1998    Race Traitor, “Surrealist Issue”  ed. F. Rosemont, ––Cambridge, Mass (drawings)

1997    Seattle Review, vol.XIX No. 2, U. of Washington ––Seattle (drawings)

awards / grants

2022 Ingrid Nickelsen Trust Award

2022 Funds for Artists’ Resilience Mini-Grant, for drypoint copperplate project: Intertwine. Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka CA

2015   Victor Thomas Jacoby Award, Humboldt Area Foundation

2004 Emerging Artist Award, Seattle office of Arts & Culture

2006    Dokkebi Award, Chuncheon International MIME Festival, Chuncheon South Korea  (for collaboration project Crosspollination with P.A.N.)

1995     Bourse Maurice-Colin Lefranc, French ministry of culture study grant, to University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

selected bibliography

2023 Sensing Habitat, exhibition showcases artists’ abstract landscapes, by Heather Shelton, 1/29/23 –The Times-Standard, Eureka CA

2021 Laura Corsiglia, A Book of Ange, I hope you can hear the Birds, by Terri Geis, –The Oystercatcher #18 May Day 2021

2019     Epic Scrolls and Journeys, Laura Corsiglia and Lida Penkova at the Morris Graves Museum of Art, by Gabrielle Gopinath, 8/1/2019 –North Coast Journal, Eureka CA

2018   Laura Corsiglia’s Interior Landscapes, by Gabrielle Gopinath, 3/1/2018 –North Coast Journal, Eureka CA

2018    Birds Populate Artist’s Life, –The Times-Standard, Eureka CA

2017    Birds of a Feather, by Ron Sakolsky, ––Eberhardt Press, Portland OR.

2016    Studio Space : On the walls and easels at StewART, by Gabrielle Gopinath, 12/8/17 –North Coast Journal, Eureka CA

selected collections

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, De Young Museum
Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka
City of Seattle Portable Works Collection
Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende, Santiago, Chile
Casa da Cultura, Coimbra, Portugal
Centro Cultural Espacio Matta, Santiago, Chile
TELESAT Canada, Ottawa

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