video: Nesting Materials, Black Faun gallery, 2018

Video by Claire Reynolds, Black Faun Gallery Eureka California

Music composed and played by Monte Merrick as part of the installation Ephemeral Monument.

The Black Faun Gallery presented Nesting Materials, an exhibition of drawings, paintings, video installation and performance by Laura Corsiglia from March 3 – 31, 2018.

Birds and other beings appear, sometimes seemingly as participants and other times as wide-eyed observers, in the vibrant, abstract landscapes of Laura Corsiglia’s Nesting Materials. Corsiglia’s work has a dreamlike, stream of consciousness quality executed with such a light touch that the viewer could be quietly lulled into their subtle messages and complex formations. “A nest is both an extreme concentration and a funnel toward inevitable opening,” states Laura. “We recognize the urgent imperative to make use of all that we find, stumble over, observe and need, twigs, death or joy, all that presents itself, to build a cradle for care and expansion. A nest is an urgently literal capsule for the future. Transformation occurs here, bio-alchemy felt and observed. The nest is also felt as a metaphor dragging our consciousness through the elements, toward eventual flight. Real and imagined, it is a lifeboat for love.”